KC Wong

Supply Chain & Cybersecurity Lead

KC Wong leads the supply chain management and cybersecurity at FSX. He is a supply chain professional with over 18 years of Global and Regional logistics and program management experience in Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Diageo and other MNCs. Some of his achievements included building a Bottling Plant in Chengdu, China with Diageo; developed Sales & Operations Planning Global framework and also their Inventory Management Program within Diageo; authored the first edition of Toyota’s Service Parts Operations Manual for Asia Pacific Markets and also recently he led an acquisition of 17 oil tankers amounting to USD $180M with a Singapore based private commodities trading firm. He also specializes in cybersecurity where he is currently the Managing Director of Mantua Consulting, which focuses on security consulting services in the information technology sector. He is a self-proclaimed geek in this field and was also the Exercise Director for Red Teaming Services offered to top tiered Financial Institutes in Singapore. While formally trained with B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, he later went on to obtain MSc in Industrial & Systems Engineer (Operations Research) to hone his craft.

Email: [email protected]

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